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Refrigeration System Unit, Cascade refrigeration system, Parallel refrigeration system



1.Bolang refrigeration unit adopts integrated frame design, compact structure, which is easy for installation and operation. The system design involves the calculation of specifications such as cooling capacity, rated power, energy efficiency coefficient, flow rate and so on. The selection of appropriate components, their placement, are based on the professional technical design.

2. Only use high-quality compressors such as Bitzer, Hanbell, Fusheng, RefComp and Frascold. The most important component of a refrigeration system is the compressor, which is responsible for compressing the refrigerant and raising its temperature to move heat from one location to another.

3. Specialized in design of refrigeration systems and automated program control to ensure high performance and stable operation of the unit. We make comprehensive evaluation on the design, installation, operation of the refrigeration system to pursue higher energy efficiency, lower environmental impact, and reliable safety.


Items Refrigeration systems
Serial code BL-, BM-()
Cooling capacity 45 ~ 1850 kW
Compressor brand Bitzer, Hanbell, Fusheng, RefComp and Frascold
Evaporating Temp. range -85 ~ 15
Application fields Cold storage, Food processing, pharmaceuticals, Chemical industry, distribution center…


Food processing

Cold storage

Pharmacy warehouse

Data centers

Distribution center

Chemical Industry

Our Turn Key Service

1. Project design

2. Manufacturing

4. Maintenance

3. Installation

3. Installation

4. Maintenance


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