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2022 Autumn events: The refrigeration technology expert team visited our company for technical exchange

On October26, 2022, Nantong Bolang Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. conducted a product and experience exchange with a refrigeration industry expert team from Jiangsu Province to promote continuous and healthy development through mutual learning and work expansion. During the exchange meeting, the technical experts from both sides had in-depth discussions on refrigeration unit design, spiral freezers for food processing industry and other related aspects.


Refrigeration technology plays a vital role in food processing, helping to maintain the quality and safety of food products. Food processing involves several stages, including harvesting, cleaning, storing, cooking, and packaging. At each of these stages, refrigeration technology can be used to slow down or stop bacterial growth, extend shelf life, and prevent spoilage. There are several types of refrigeration technology that can be used in food processing, including conventional refrigeration systems, blast chillers, and cryogenic freezing systems. Each of these systems has its benefits and can be used for different stages of the food processing process.

This enterprise exchange meeting has increased the expert team's understanding of Bolang Company. The experts praised Bolang Company's strict quality standards in product design and manufacturing, as well as its continuous pursuit of technological progress and innovation, which is worthy of the industry's learning. Bolang is a technology-based enterprise that focuses on the research, development and production of refrigeration equipment. It upholds the business philosophy of "customer demand as the core, product quality as the guarantee, and product innovation as the life" and the enterprise behavior guidelines of "integrity, sincerity, and professionalism" to lead the company's continuous development and growth and achieve the company mission of "continuous innovation to make technology change the world".