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Bolang’ s corporate event in spring 2022

Bolang held a grand and fruitful team building event. As a leading global refrigeration equipment manufacturer dedicated to providing world-class cold chain solution and industrial food freezers, Bolang is committed to establishing a culture of unity and cooperation. The purpose of the team building event is to inspire employee enthusiasm and promote better teamwork. The event includes a variety of activities, from top-notch sports projects to fun games, to deep conversations among employees, demonstrating support for common goals and bringing bosses and employees closer together, establishing a sense of trust between both parties.


The event was led by professional team building facilitators who helped to ensure that the employees had fun while fostering unity, collaboration, and effective communication. Working together, the teams were able to solve tasks and overcome challenges. This resulted in improved morale, better teamwork, and increased job satisfaction among the employees. The team building event also provided a platform for employees to interact with senior executives and management, who participated in the activities. This helped to break down communication barriers between employees and leaders, improving communication channels and working relationships. Overall, the team building event was a resounding success and demonstrated Bolang's commitment to fostering a positive and collaborative work culture. The company is confident that the strengthened teamwork and improved relationships among employees will lead to better business results, client satisfaction, and increased productivity.


The beneficiaries of this event are not only Bolang Company's employees but also its clients, which is very uplifting. Clients shared Company's development this year, elaborating on today's technology and trends, and sharing Company's strength. In the event, clients and employees formed a solid team consciousness, and their communication with each other became more smooth and efficient.
Our clients gave high evaluation for the spiral freezers, refrigeration system and cold storage engineering projects we supplied. Bolang will take the encouragement of our customers to forge ahead and create new brilliance.