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Single Spiral Freezer For Aquatic, Pastry, Poultry, Bakery, Patty, And Convenient Food



1. Conveyor belt:Spiral wound on the central drum, used to transfer the product from the freezing machine feed port to the discharge port, all made of 304 stainless steel. It has good turning performance, can achieve 180 degrees of turning, and stable operation, can be shortened and extended to change the spacing of the connection, by lengthening while compressing and then bending laterally, vertical bending is similar to chain drive.

2. Center drum; The center drum is welded by the spindle, ring Angle steel and square steel, the material is 304 stainless steel; such a structure not only effectively strengthens the overall strength, but also plays a role of air conduction, which is conducive to the circulation of cold air and reduces unnecessary cooling consumption. The upper and lower parts of the spindle are supported by bearings. The outer square tube and the direct contact with the net belt parts of ultra high molecular polyethylene material, increase the friction with the conveying net belt, to ensure the service life of the net belt.

3. Intelligence Control system: The panel of the electrical control cabinet is made of 304 stainless steel and installed outside the thermal insulation wall of the quick-freezing machine. PLC control, touch screen operation, can display the current time, running state, the network through the time (set freezing time), the temperature in the room, the network speed and other current operating parameters. Safety device: with adjusting sensor, conveyor belt upturning sensor, emergency stop switch, frozen product height sensor. If the belt is too loose or the belt is stuck, the belt adjustment sensor will shut down the screw. Two belt tip-up inductors are installed on the first pillar and the opposite pillar. If the conveyor belt is too tight or stuck, the sensor will shut down the spiral freeze machine.


Items Spiral Freezer
Serial code BL-, BM-()
Cooling capacity 45 ~ 1850 kW
Compressor brand Bitzer, Hanbell, Fusheng, RefComp and Frascold
Evaporating Temp. range -85 ~ 15
Application fields Food processing, Seafood, Meat, Shrimp, Rice cake, Dumplings, etc.




Prepared meal


Rice cake


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